Sunday, January 6, 2013

DIY: Destroyed Denim Cross Shorts (2 Styles: Dark/ Light Wash)

Back again with another do it yourself shorts video. This time I am elaborating on my distressing technique. I have been experimenting with cheap thrift store denim jeans and have found a more efficient way to destroy my denim, creating holes and frayed edges. I also decided to detail my shorts with black faux leather crosses. I have been seeing this trend all over the place and decided to use it as an inspiration. I first say this style of destroyed denim jean shorts with crosses on Nasty Gal. Unfortunately, the shorts ranged from $120 - 50 dollars which I thought was ridiculous and unaffordable. Instead, I went to the thrift store and got a pair of old denim jeans for about $2-5 dollars (they range in price). I then cut the denim jeans (pants) and made them into shorts. This results in a part of shorts that literally costs less than $10. You are able to save some money, have something that is unique, designed by yourself and look chic at the same time. Hope you guys learned something new from this video. Have fun creating and designing your old pair of destroyed denim cross shorts. Love you all! Till next time. XO

Watch the Video:



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Unknown said...

I totally love to update my shorts my doing DIY projects! these are pretty cool vids too, and love the crosses on your shorts!
would you like to follow each other?

Joy said...

Very creative! If only I weren't such a wimp when it comes to cold temperatures, or else I'd wear shorts with tights too!

Denim Jeans said...

nice pair of's looking very trendy.

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