Friday, January 18, 2013

How I Slimmed Down in 6 months


Hiya Guys,
I have had load of questions about my workout, diet, and just what I have been doing to lose weight. I feel like the amount of weight I lost was not dramatic but enough to see differences in my body. I am 5"1 and now 113 lbs. Last winter 2011, I was 125 lbs. Growing up I have always been under weight and never worried about my weight. In grade school I would always have to wear clothes that were for kids of a younger age. In high school, I could not exceed over 108 lbs. not matter how hard I tried. I also had an hour of gym each day and was on the tennis team. Even after high school, when I started college I lost 10 lbs.

It is crazy to admit but I did started to see some changes in weight again a while back around 2010/ 2011 and have had a lot of comments on you tube videos suggesting this. I feel like the hardest part of it all is getting out of denial and admitting that I did gain some weight and I have to do something about it.   I realized, the things that I have been neglecting like eating really late (past 9pm) sometimes I would eat at 2am and then just go to sleep. One thing I forgot to mention in the video, is that I also go in the habit of taking naps. I used to take mid day naps, and I think this habit started when I was in college. I would be exhausted from class and would take a nap after I ate. I also was depress and unhappy with my past relationship for a long time ( probably years) because of this I would drink at times. For the most part I would drink extremely sugar alcoholic beverages (cranberry vodka, vodka lemonade, sex on the beach, cosmo, and etc.)

During the spring 2012, I started to making a couple of changes in my diet. I try to eat my dinners earlier (4-8pm) and not eat after 9pm. I cut out fast food, junk food (chips, cookies, candy, sweets, and etc), and greasy fried foods. I tried to drink more water by flavoring it with some lime, crystal light. I also love to drink coconut water. I stop eating bleach white flour and now only eat wheat or quinoa. When I do eat carbs or any kind (wheat, quinoa, vegetable, or fruits) I only eat one cup. I try to eat as much of dark leafy green veggies as I can for dinner (spinach and kale ). My meals are also ration different. I would eat a medium breakfast (always with some kind of protein in it, whether it is meat, eggs, or nuts). Lunch is my largest meal of the day! I like to cheat a little more during lunch with carbs. Dinner is my smallest meal of the day. I try to stay light on carbs. I usually only do meat and veggies if I can. If I were to eat wheat, brown rice or quinoa I would only eat one cup of it. It is also good to have small snacks through out the day. I like to eat fruits, fat free frozen yogurt, low fat keifer, nuts, nutella, peanut butter, raw veggies with yogurt salad dressing dip. I have been paying more attention to the serving size on packages of the things that I have been eating also.

Every day I am taking gummy multivitamins for women, probiotic pills, and fish oil pills. 

During the spring 2012 I began to run every once in a while at the park across the street. I then started to do yoga everyday. After that I tried out the Kim kardashian workout video and then the Tony Horton 10 minutes workout.  I have tried hip hop abs and Carmen Electra's striptease dvd but was not too fond of them.

For my workouts, I try to workout every other day or every two days. I would love to workout everyday but there are times when I can't. I would do P90X (kempo, plyometrics, arms & back, abripperx, synergistic, or legs). If I am too sore the next time I have to work out I would do the Tony Horton's Ten Minutes Work out. L-Glutamine powder is also a great recovery supplement for sore muscles. I usually take this during the work out and the days after it. 

Another thing that I want to mention is to NOT be so obsessed with the number on a scale. I think through out the process I felt like I had a gut, my arms, thighs, hips, butt were larger. Losing weight can show progress but not always since you are also turn fat in to muscle and muscle is more dense than fat. I focused more so on muscle definition and the size of mass.

A good motivator to work out is looking at pictures and videos of people who are fit and in shape. A lot of the times I would see this and be like " I wish I looked like this". Also once you are in the habit of being in shape and seeing the results will make you  want to work harder or maintain what you have been doing.

I have to admit all of this is NOT easy and I am not saying that it is. It took me a long time to get to this and keep it. In the past I was not a stranger to yo yo ing it. I would do a workout, and workout super hard but then I would be so sore that I would stop the next day and after that. So it is good to start slow and be realistic. Make small changes so that you can adapt to this slowly and will be able to make this an everyday habit. Rome was not built in one day so try to be patient.
Hope all of this will help someone! XO

Watch Video! 

Questions From You =) 

 Took a picture of what I looked like in the dress that I wore in the video. I got this dress 2 1/2 years ago and I have never felt better in it!

Decided to take pictures of all angles and show off my guns lol. =P Took these pictures today 1-18-2013. 

 Here are some before pictures from when I was around 125 lbs. As you can see there is more fullness in my face and my arms are larger. There pictures where taken around Halloween 2011 to Feb 2012.

 Now here are the after pictures. My face, arms, hips, butt, and thighs have all slimmed down. These pictures where taken winter 2012 - New Years Eve 2012.

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Rachel said...

Isn't it funny that it's the arms we always notice first? Don't know if it has something to do with our size. I'm also 5ft and about 120lbs. I also started at 125 :) Goal is 115. And the reason I started dieting was my arms! I looked at pictures over Christmas and was so surprised at how big they got. Definitely look much better now although I'm not quiet there yet :)

Unknown said...

I so, soooo love this post. I gained freshman 15 ( 5' 3", high weight of 130) having been thin ish all my life. Never lost those, but started running and doing TurboJam in college and went down to 110 for a while, before I realized I was not muscular, just thing (too much cardio?). I got a full time job and sat on my ass for 8-10 hrs/day (still doing it) and after a year of that was NOT feeling/looking good. BF , friends and I signed up for Tough Mudder and that got us motivated. We started to do the recommended workouts on their website and I started doing HIIT consistently, sometimes doing Zuzana's workouts on (HIGHLY recommended.) Shed inches like nobody's business and gained more muscle than I've ever had. I think I weight 120 now (not too sure, I judge by clothes now) but look and feel good. THANK YOU for promoting hard word, dedication, patience + persistence! <3 <3

omggg94 said...

i like how you replaced fat with muscle rather than just be skin and bones. good for you :)

Unknown said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing! we're actually about the same size as I am very petite myself as well. My "heaviest" weight was also around 125lb and even though it doesn't sound like a lot... since we are so small that 10lb shows on our bodies. I've tried a lot of diet/exercise but what it really comes down to I think is regular exercise 3-4 times a week with at least 30min of cardio and weight training.

As for eating... I am not sure how I can live without carbs like noodles and rice cuz I'm Asian. But I think eating 1 meal with carb is a good start to maintaining the weight. I've been getting a lot of meal inspirations from the South Beach Diet menu. Check it out when you get a chance.

I think you are doing such a great job... and I am so happy that you are gaining muscles and sculpting the body instead of looking like an anorexic model on the runway. What an inspiration! I wish you a healthy 2013 ^_^

Tara said...

i am also the same height as you so gaining a few pounds really shows, have you tried Tracy Anderson because it is so amazing at making you smaller and tighter...

Rocio MB said...

me encanta tu blog!! y tu estilo!!! me quedo para seguirte!! y ver nuevas entradas tuyas!!

te animo a que visites mi blog y me sigas si te gusta!!!

un besazo!! y gracias!

Air said...

Hey great post. I've recently started working out and watching the types of food I eat and I've been noticing changes in my body. The funny thing is that I've gained a bit of weight but my clothes are fitting looser on me. I guess I must be losing the fat and gaining muscle :D

Cindy said...

You look amazing!! I'm 5'2 and am currently 115 or so, my starting weigh was 133. I started changing my diet and eating healthier about 9 months ago. I'm still trying to lose maybe another couple of lbs or so and work on my arms and stomach a bit. It's great fitting in to clothes I couldn't just a few months ago.

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Anonymous said...

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Gaming Mouse said...

Nice video and great pictures thanks for sharing your experience i am waiting for your next post like that

Anonymous said...

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