Friday, January 25, 2013

Speak Viet!

Viet 101 - basic common phrases/word ♥

Decided to teach My Boyfriend some Vietnamese, here is his first attempt =P

Hi Guys,
Here is just a fun video I made with Matt. I have been wanting to teach my boyfriend some vietnamese and I decided to include my subscribers also. I wrote down some common conversational phrases and words on note cards and tried to teach Matt to say them. Pronunciation of Vietnamese is definitely different when you are not a naive speaker. If you watch the entire video on my other channel in it Matt did not see any of the words before hand so it was all his first try for all of the words. I was surprise that he still remembers a couple words that I have taught him in the past like : it is not me, mom, dad, hungry, etc. Hope you all like this and learn something new! Tell me what you all think about these speak viet videos. Love it? Hate it? And feel free to request anything in the comments. XO

English to Vietnamese
Hi : Chào
How are you? : Có khỏe không?
How are you friend? : Ban có khỏe không?
My name is… :Tên tôi là...
And you? : Bạn thi sao?
Good morning! : Chào buổi sáng
Good Evening: Chào buổi toi
Good Night or Sweet Dreams :Ngủ ngon
Yes: dạ
No: Không
Maybe:  có thể
Thank you: Cám ơn
Very much: rất nhiều
Thank you very much: Cám ơn rất nhiều
You're welcome: Không Có Chi
No problem: Không Sao
Sorry:  xin lỗi
I love you (girl to boy): Em yêu anh
I love you (boy to girl): Anh yêu em
Bye : Tạm biệt

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