Monday, December 24, 2012

19 Eyeliner Styles to Change Your Eyeshape

Watch Tutorial!

 Hey Guys!
Merry Christmas Eve! I am about to head to Indiana with my boyfriend and I wanted to share with you guys a video. It was filmed a while back but I was just too lazy to edit and put it together. I finally made myself do it and here it is. Also I had a family party yesterday, their internet was way to slow and I couldn't upload this video on the regular sunday. I think this video is a niffy video for new eyeliner ideas. I know there are some crazy styles that I showed but would never actually wear, it is so fun to play around with makeup and experiment though! Usually I would used Revlon liquid liner for my top lids and Revlon pencil liner for my bottom lids. For demonstration purposes I did things a little different. I also always, always set my liner with a matching shadow so that there is no smudging and it will stay on the whole day. Who knew that plain ole eyeliner could do so much right? Hope you learn something  Who knew that plain ole eyeliner could do so much right? Hope you learn something new. Have a safe and fun holiday! XO



Unknown said...

Totally love this post... Eyeliners are like magic pens that can change and enhance the shape of your eyes! My fav is the slightly winged look and also multi-wing cat look.

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

I've been looking for a guide similar to this. I know this must have taken you so much work! Thank you! Love the ones that make your eyes look rounder.

Anonymous said...

you're eyes look so much like park min young O_O

Unknown said...

Chaos, Ms.Hanh. I love ur tutorial videos. U are doing a great job, and u're beautiful as well (///∇//) Btw, I read all the comments on the video but can't find the answers for what I need, so well, here I am. I would like to know what kind of eyelashes and contact lenses u used in the above video. It would be great, too if you can show me the link where u bought them. Thank u, and Happy New Year Eve:)

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