Thursday, January 3, 2013

NYE: Get Ready With Me Tag


Happy New Year!
Hope you all had an amazing start to your year! I wanted to share with you how my New Years Eve started with this "Get Ready With Me Tag " video. I thought it was something fun to put together since my boyfriend was playing around with the camera and got footage of me getting ready. I gotta warn you a lot of this is just random videos of me being boring and getting ready to go out and celebrate the New Year.  I was dancing while doing my makeup and listening to country music haha. I also included some footage from the party. The entire party footage with sound included is on my second channel as a "NYE vlog". I also embedded this video below incase you missed it =P. And as promised in the video, below are some pictures taken. They aren't anything too fancy or professional, they are just pictures I took with my friends & boy friend through out the night! I had so much fun and this was such a great start to my year. Hopefully I am able to accomplish all of my New Years resolution that I made and I hope you guy do too! Love you all! Hope your upcoming 2013 is the bombdiggity also lol. 

Love you all! XO

Watch NYE Vlog


Watch "Get Ready With Me Tag "


Unknown said...

you two are so cute together! xxo

miemiemie said...

awww so sweet. happy new year!

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