Thursday, November 29, 2012

Easy Gradient Nails : Pastel Pink and Gold

Watch Tutorial:

Wanted to share with you something new that I learned! Being a nail art newbie, I found a gradient nail polish technique and tried it out. It is super easy, quick to do, and I love the results. I think this would be great for those who are messy and nail newbies also. I love the color combination that I decided on because it is neutral, feminine, and will make with any of my outfit combinations. The pastel baby pink with gold also reminds me to the Victoria secret angel collection. Of course you can try this technique out with whatever color combination you like =]. Hope you learned something new! Till next time.


Wet n Wild Mega Last (Sugar Coat) & Sally Hansen ( Golden)

Right Hand : I wanted to try out something different and started the gold -pink  gradient from the bottom up.
Here is the same hand but just different lighting =)
I paired it with my rose gold bow ring from forever21.
On the left hand I just have the same design for all of my fingers.


Belton said...

Pink and gold color is amazing look. I can't imagine that type of art and never seen before. I am definitely bookmarking your site and copy in my favorite folder to see others. I am very inspire with your blog. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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