Sunday, November 25, 2012

Big & Sexy Victoria's Secret Curls

(Red dress from

I decided to do a fun hair tutorial since this year's Victoria's Secret fashion show is coming up in December. I wanted some thing big and sultry. I was browsing in the Victoria's Secret site and stumbled upon this picture of Lindsay Ellingson which looked amazing and thought I would try to recreate this look. Of course this is only inspired and because our hair textures and cuts are probably different, the look is not identical but close enough. If you are a fan to voluminous curls or waves then this is the look for you. After looking at the video footage and pictures I also thought this hair do looked super flattering and my boyfriend loved it also. And if you noticed this is another talking video since you guys had such a positive response and comments on the last talking video. (Yes! I do read all of the comments =) ) I hope you learned something new! Have a happy monday tomorrow. XO

This is the picture that inspired me. It is Lindsay Ellingson wearing a body by Victoria's Secret.

This was a preview that I posted on my Instagram (ahanhbarbie34).

Product List 
Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray
Corioliss 1" Curling Iron From Gilt Group
Clips are from Sally Beauty Supplies

In case you were yes I am wearing a bra in this picture and it is the Fabulous by Victoria Secret in Black Lace.


Meeline said...

beautiful :) are you wear contact lenses?


Haley said...

gorgeous! :D great job, they look very similar!


you imitated it really well!

Unknown said...

OH MY GOSH would absolutely love a make up tutorial for this, you nailed the eyes, cheeks, eyebrows, face, everything!

1uckyclover said...

love it! :)


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