Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Maxi Dress Haul & My Life Update

Hey guys, Sorry I have been MIA! I have finally made some time to film/ edit a new video for this friday. It is my current obsession for this season and it is about my maxi dress haul! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you would know that I have had a love for maxi dress since before they became popular. I have a black maxi dress that I got for cheap at forever 21 about 3 years a go and I have added a boat load of maxi dresses to my collection since then. For this maxi dress haul I bought a majority of my dress from Hautelook. There was a  Loveappella event sale a few weeks ago and that was when I ordered most of my dresses. I wanted to buy collects that I don't have in my collection already, so I picked some gray, navy, pink, red dresses. I also wanted to try something different so I decided to get a color block navy and white dress and also a high low dress. When the Rachel Pally event came on Hautelook I was trying to look for her convertible multiway dress but had no luck; however I did find my awesome pink princess dress with the sweetheart neckline and u back. My last dress in the haul was the only in store purchase. I was at Arden B and saw that they had a 50% off sale and found my awesome coral cutout back maxi dress. I hope you all like this video and enjoy hearing from me and a little update of my move and where I live now. I am debating on a house tour since I have so little now but tell me what you think! Love you all! XO 

Watch the Haul Video and Life Update:   

Product List (Everything was bought by yours truly and NOT sponsored)
Rachel Pally
Arden B (in store)
 Here are some more pictures...

Loveappella Dresses :  

Rachel Pally Dress: 

Arden B Dress: 


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