Friday, June 21, 2013

Vegas Vacation : 5 OOTD

Hey Guys!
I hope you all haven't forgotten me. I recently moved to a different state and went on vacation right after that so I haven't had the time to upload any videos. I am sorry, >_< I hope you all can all forgive me for my delay. I wanted to share with you all a little piece of a vacation. I decided to do a outfit of the day video of some of the outfits that I wore while I was in Las Vegas. I picked out 5 of my favorite outfits and decided to film them right in vegas. I love these OOTD videos because you all can see what I actually wear in real life and out in public.

Here's a view from my window when we departed.

Outfit 1

Believe it or not this first outfit top/bottom were both recycled from the thrift store!  My top was actually a men's shirt that I remade in to something new. My high waist shorts were originally a pair of light denim jeans that I cut in to shorts then bleached and dyed. If you haven't seen already I have a DIY video for these shorts. 

This picture was taken on a path right outside of the Bellagio. We actually came back here another day in the night time to watch the water show right at this spot also.

Outfit 2

 We were at the Wynn Hotel, after our buffet. I loved all of the decor at the Wynn it all looked amazing!

Before the buffet, this is what we did! A HAUNTED HOUSE, =) I love scary things. It's funny that we found this place and it is not even anytime near Halloween.

This was in the Bellagio. I love the tuft wall design that they have.

This was outside of the Luxor. We decided to watch the Criss Angel show.

These pictures are terrible because you can even see his face but they only let us take pictures towards the very end of the show. The show was okay, I was hoping it would be more like the tv show. We had fun, it is the first ever magic show that I have been to. We were sitting a lot further but then we got randomly moved to a close seat!

 Outfit 3

We were at Planet Hollywood and I just had to do an OOTD with these awesome crystal columns. I love shiny bejeweled things, lol what girl doesn't.
At the Bellagio lobby they had these colorful glass pieces mounted on the ceiling.

  Outfit 4

This was one of my more causal outfits. The whole outfit was from Romwe, except the shoes they were from A'graci. I was at the Cosmopolitan for a breakfast buffet, yes we had A LOT of buffets during our stay! Hehe

 Outfit 5

This was the outfit I wore to Vegas.  I know it looks really fancy but it is just a simple cotton maxi dress. I noticed that I got a lot of stares for wearing this but to be honesty it is one of the most comfty things you can wear especially when you are sitting for 3 hours in a plane =P.


Outfit 1
DIY outfit ;)
Recycle Old Tshirt tutorial - coming soon
Ombre Bright Blue and Pink Shorts tutorial
Sunglasses- nordstrom
Outfit 2
Peplum Dress- ASOS
Nude Platform Heels
Outfit 3
Light Blue Dress-
Black Platform Heels- Shoemint
Purse -vintage
Sunglasses- nordstrom
Outfit 4
Batman Crop T-Shirt -
Red Skirt -
Sandals- A'graci
Outfit 5
Blue Maxi Dress w. side splits -
Black Platform Heels- Shoemint


Unknown said...

<3 preciosa!!!

Jordy said...

Looks like you had so much fun! :) Also there's a giveaway on my blog at the moment that I'm running with Clearasil and the prize is a $500 experience of your choice! I really hope you enter, not many people have so you have an awesome chance of winning :)

queenhorsfall said...

I liked all your outfits but most a cobalt dress

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty in that blue dress!! what new state did you move to? Hope that didn't sound stalker-ish lol just curious, good luck on your move-in to your new place, and keep making videos! Don't let the haters get to you Hanh

xoxo Peace :)

Unknown said...

I love your style! Looks like you guys had a great vacation. I am actually looking up Las Vegas golf specials, I want to take my husband on a good vacation. Plus I have never been to Vegas before. I Love Cris Angel, his show wasn't all that great? :( I definitely want to see at least one show before my vacation is over. What was your favorite part of Vegas?

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