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How to: Pink Chocolate Covered Rose Strawberries (V-day)

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Heya Guys!
I wanted to make something appropriate for the upcoming Valentine's Day on February 14th. Chocolate covered Rose strawberries is the perfect thing to make! It is quick and easy. It is definitely a thoughtful & edible gift that you can give to friends, family, and that special someone. If you want to make more special you can personalize it with a message. I decided to decorate my flowers with I love you, be mine, and the initials of Matt and myself. I also put all of my roses in a vase to make it even more of a present with a pink bow to finish. These strawberries were freaken delicious with the white chocolate. You can also make them with candy chips but I prefer the white chocolate. Hope you like this, try it out and give it as V-day gifts =).

Product List
Ghirardelli White Chocolate
Red & Green Food Coloring
Confectioner Sugar
Bamboo Skewers

Step by Step Recipe: 
1. Take a long container pour a little water (1/2 inch) add a couple drops of green food coloring.
2. Stir water and add the bamboo skewers to dye them.
3. While they are soaking, simmer a pot of water and place a heat safe bowl on top ( this will take the effect of a double boiler)
4. Melt white chocolate by following the package's instruction.
5. Add a few drops of red food coloring to achieve the pink color.
6. Pat the skewers dry with two pieces of napkin. Insert the bamboo stick in to the base of the strawberries (where the leaves are).
7. When the chocolate is smooth dip the strawberries in it, to cover them.
8. Take a Styrofoam cube or a vase with marbles.
9. Place the dipped strawberries on to the platform to dry.

1. Take a small bowl and pour some confectioner  sugar (1/2 cup) into it.
2. Add about two tsp. of water then mix
3. If the consistency is too watery, add more sugar.
4. Add red food coloring to make the icing red and stir.
5. Spoon the mixture into a ziplock bag and make a small hole.

You are ready to decorate the flowers!
Refrigerate the strawberries to dry (for at least 1 hour)

Viola! Enjoy =)

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