Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chill Gray Winter Cape

Heya Guys!
It is not winter until I wear a cape. I bought a few capes a year ago and rarely wore them. They are a little bit inconvenient because you can't wear a purse with a strape that hangs on you shoulder.  I also discovered that when I drive it is extremely difficult to buckle up. Regardless, I still love capes and they are super chic during the cold weather. I don't know why but when ever I see people wearing capes it is very classy and romantic. For this outfit I kept it pretty simple. I wore a black dress, paired with liquid leggings. To spice it up, I added my scarf. I wanted a little pattern and color since a majority of the outfit is monotone. And my ombre dark red beanie is the finally splash of color.


Clothing List:
Chill Gray Winter Cape
Gray Cape- Romwe
Scarf- Burberry Sak's Fifth
Liquid Leggings- Romwe
Blac Dress- H&M
Black Booties- Hautlook
Red beanie- Forever21
Leather Gloves- Portalano Gilt Group


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