Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sexify & Feminize without showing too much skin [OOTD : Suspender Tights & Sweater Dress]

Here is the finished look:

First you will need a chunky sweater. This particular sweater (cowl neck & cable knit) I got at Akira Chicago.

To give the sweater a more fitted looked I decided to take a gold belt and cinch my waist with it. This will not only give my body more shape (curves), it will also draw attention to the smallest part of my waist.

I got this best at ASOS and it was on sale for ten bucks!

Another important thing to do is roll up your sleeves! It will make the sweater look more fitted to your body and less baggy.

Now some finishing touches to the outfit. Adding a lace slip or dress underneath will make the outfit softer and more feminine (I got the lace dress from Dry Goods). Pairing this up with a pair of suspender tights will give your outfit a more alluring and sexy vibe (Black Bow Suspender Tights are from ASOS).

Throw in a purse and you are ready to go. (Vintage Chanel Purse)

Also I am wearing my Christian Louboutin Simple Black Patent Pumps with this outfit.


Chic In Vancity said...

Cool photos! Love your nylons! I want a pair of those so badly! :p
Happy Holidays!!
Bella xox

Stephanie said...

You look great!! I love that vintage Chanel!

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