Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Proactiv update! My Still Favorite Products

So I have been using Proactive for around three months or so now. I am still in love with their makeup wipes. In fact, I have been loving it so much that I ran out! I usually use them to wipe any make up off when I get home from going out or running errands. When I am at home I like to be makeup free! I think it is just more comfortable that way and my skin can breathe.

I think I notice while using the wipes is that when I use one wipe to remove the makeup on my face, sometimes the black from my liquid liner or mascara would smear on my cheeks. I would either have to use another wipe to get all off the makeup off completely or just wash my face with warm water. I wish the wipes were a little bigger so I can remove makeup residue from my face completely!

My skin has been behaving since I am done with school! Being in a lower stress environment has kept my skin pretty clear. Therefore, there was little need for the spot treatment, exfoliating face/body wash, or refining mask. Now that I think about it, I need to use the refining mask soon, since I have been lazy too use it. I love using face masks at least once a month because it just leaves my face super clean and refresh.

I am also still loving Proactiv's Green Tea Moisturizer. I usually only use it before I apply on makeup. I love the fact that it is gel based, it moisturizes but does not leave a oil residue on your skin.

I think a big MISCONCEPTION is that when people think of face lotions/moisturizers they think that it would cause pimples and make your skin oilier. I actually thought of the same thing when I was in high school. Not until college that I started to moisturize my skin on a daily and nightly basis. Moisturizing your skin is VERY important, and no matter your skin type you must moisturize your skin, especially during the cold winter season. I think that key is that you have to find the perfect moisturizer for your skin type. I think most Proactiv products are more suitable for oily skin type. At times I feel like my skin doesn't get enough moisture because it gets extremely dry during the winter and also when I get wind burn from going outside in the cold. My cousin and aunt both have used Proactiv and both have oily skin, think the same as I do. I only use the green tea moisturizer during the day time because of this exact reason. During the nighttime I like to use my Estee Lauder Night Cream because my skin can be replenished while I am getting my beauty rest.
What I recently learned is that the Green Tea Moisturizer is best suited for acne prone skin (which I do not have) that is oily, dry, or mixed. It also contains green tea, iris and macadamia extract that "help your complexion retain moisture and regulate oil". Due to the Green Tea extract when putting this on at night could wake up your skin and making it soft and supple. The site didn't mention the anti-oxidation effects green tea possesses, which I am somewhat surprised about. However, I am not sure how much green tea extract is even in this moisturizer, and if there is even a sufficient amout be have anti-oxidant power.

In conclusion, I think I stuck with the favorite products that I started out with and mentioned in my first Proactiv blog post . I think this is because I do not have acne prone skin so there was no need to use the other products on a regular basis.

(These Proactiv products were all sent to me. I did not purchase all of them. However, like always all of the things I have stated are my own honest opinion ! )

I hope you guess liked my review. Talk to you all later!



Eugenia said...

I use to use proactive.. my favorite product was the toner!

Husnain Ali said...

i like tea in green cup

Husnain Ali said...

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admin said...

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