Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to put on a tampon + Tampon Talk!



How to put on a tampon + Tampon Talk!

Hey Guys!
Or should I say GIRLS, since this video only applies to women. Heheh. Anyhow, I wanted to talk about one of the most embarrassing topics today! I noticed that when I first made this PUBLIC, I got "dislikes" a few seconds off the bat. I am sure those who did it didn't even bother to watch it. They just saw the title and clicked dislike. I want to tell you guys to hear me out & don't dislike it until you actually watch the video! Then you can do whatever you want! It is you opinion after all. I am confused why so many people are embarrassed to talk about this subject. It is most likely because they are raise to be embarrassed or ashamed of this. I mean why be ashamed of what is natural and what makes us different from men. I think because of people who are embarrassed/ashamed to talk about this, a lot of young girls out there don't have that needed knowledge for when they DO get their period. I wanted to share with you guys my stories (of my first period and my tampon /pad experiences) and give you all tips (if you have not gone through this before). This video is definitely different from most of my videos but I actually really enjoyed making it because I got to talk more...girl to girl. I hope my "how to put on a tampon" instructions are clear and can help you, if you had never used a tampon before. So you don't have to experience what I did when I had to follow the instructions of a tampon box. I hope my vagina cartoon didn't offend anyone ...since we all do have one =P. Also know that you are not alone! All women have to go through their "first period" at some point in their lives. Just because we don't all publicly talk about it doesn't mean it is a BAD thing! Because it is not. I wanted this video to be entertaining and informative, so you can learn a lot more from it than any menstrual cycle pamphlet that they give you at school. Nice talking to you all! If you have comments or questions feel free to say them...type them. Love you all! XO

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