Friday, March 1, 2013

BLOG SALE : Makeup

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-if you are OUT of the US -just message me what you want and I will try to make it out =) 

Package Size for Shipping - Small : $5 Medium: $10 Large: $15 (varies, so just email me and ask)(No Returns)
Paypal ONLY 
Contact My Email me:
Tell me the exact item name and number 
 If the name is crossed out, the item is sold 
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 1. Urban Decay surreal skin mineral makeup -vision $15, loose pigment :left to right-smog, rockstar (dark purple), goddess (black), x, baked $4.5 each, lipgloss $4.5
all new

2. NYX sail bronzer $5, Cream pink blush $3, Cream Bronzer $3, Spa Liptint $1.5

3. Mac duo shadow (purple silver) $7 , Mac Mineralization Brunette  $20, Bronze Pigment $10
 All NEW

 4. Smash box retangular trio palette $15, Smash box trio shadow $5, Smash box liners $2

5. Victoria's Secret Eyeshadow- $7 ALL

6. Lipgloss $25 ALL

7. Urban decal primer potions $25 (NEW), Palette $15

8. LORAC Snake Charmer Palette $15

9 . Coastal Scent Palette -Only Has Bottom Stack (blush colors only) $7

10 . Lancome Palate $20

11. Rock & Republic Illuminizer - Cleopatra $7

12. The Body Shop Body Wash $5 , Lip stick $5, Bronze Pencil Liner $2

13. DKNY Full Size Perfume Used Very Few times- $25

14. 2 Lash control mascaras- $10 both
Jemma Kid Concealer - $10
Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow all over radiance highlighter 415
Very Sexy VS. bronzer & Duo lipgloss 44 both
Elf blushes $3 for both  


Olga Evenden Art said...

Hi there is the Germma Kidd dewy glow still available?

Anonymous said...

Can u give us some more info about the DKNY perfume? Such as the name, size, how much it has left. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I emailed you about the lipglosses but it doesn't look like you got it -- how much is left of them?

Unknown said...

Is your stuff still avlabul

Unknown said...

Is your stuff still avlabul

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