Thursday, March 7, 2013

DIY Matching Animal Hat & Gloves (Pig)

Watch the Tutorial

 My first blog sale!

Hey guys!
Today's tutorial is an on going trend for the winter season. I decided to buy some cheap pre-made plain hats and matching gloves from walmart for only $1-2 dollars each and make some cute winter gear. In this tutorial I chose to make a pig themed winter set but you can choose to make whatever your favorite animal is. It is really easy and fast to make. I have seen stores seeing JUST the hat for $20 + and I think that it is way too much. You can just sent less than $5 to make your on cute animal hat set. Hope you guys like this video. I am having a blog SALE, right now! If you haven't already please check it out! Love you all XO

 Kristy & Me

 Jeremy, Kristy & Me

 My little brother, Jeremy & My little sister Kristy

My kitty Buffy & Me

My Kitty Holden and Me


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