Wednesday, November 23, 2011

1.2.3. Super Easy Holiday Roast Beef Recipe

First thing I did was set my slow cooker to "high"

Take one package of Onion Powder Soup Mix (1 oz). Pour it into your slow cooker.

Take 1/3 cup of soy sauce. Pour it into your slow cooker also.

Then add 2 tsp of black pepper.

You will need 3 lbs. of Chuck Roast. I usually rinse my meat with cold water before I cook it.

Fill your slow cooker until 1/2 of your roast is NOT covered with water.

Cook for 4 hours on HIGH. After that the meat should be cooked, I cut my roast in 1/2 so that the inside of the roast will seasoned. I also flipped my roast. You can taste the soup to see if it is salty enough for your taste, if not add more soy sauce. Then cook for 4 hours on LOW.

Let the roast cool.

Take the soup and add 4-5 tbsp of flour to make a gravy. Mixed well then turn the fire on to medium. Stir occasionally and let the gravy boil. After that let it cool and it should thicken.

I also made potatoes and broccoli & cauliflower as sides. For the potatoes I added a little bit of my greek salad dressing and put it in the forman grill. The broccoli & cauliflower were steamed by putting them in a microwave safe container and adding a little water; then microwaving for 3 minutes.


Rochelle said...

nice recipe, for gravy try using a whisk, instead of a spoon, it will REALLY THICKEN up the gravy..

Carolyn said...

Looks yummy! Sound very easy too :]

Stephanie said...

Looks good!!

Husnain Ali said...

very nice
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