Friday, July 22, 2011

How Hanh Rocks the Middle Hair Parting

If you have seen the VIDEO you may be pondering a few things.....

Where did you get the dress? H&M
Where did you get the bracelet? Burlington Coat Factory
Where did you get the butterfly clip? Michael's
What color is your nail polish? OPI -Onyx and on my pinky Sephora -Going for the gold
What contacts are you wearing? Prescribed from Lens Crafter's- Fresh look gray color blends
What eye lashes are you wearing? My FAVORITE Ardell Demi Whispies black
What lipstick are you wearing? Chanel-Envasion

First you are going to damp your bangs with water. This is to dilute the mousse so it does get flake or hard.

Apply a tiny amount of get. Use a 3" round brush (ION) and hairdryer (Babyliss) to curl your bangs.

(Optional) You can tease your crown area for added volume. I usually like to tease my hair because I have extremely thin hair and tease keeps it from looking flat.

I am using Aussie Instant Freeze hairspray. It is my favorite!!! And it smells great. This hairspray will give maximum hold and it is very cheap!

I am using a rattail comb to tease my hair. You can use a comb with fine bristles or a brush.

Gently smooth my hair out.

Use a comb to pair your hair. It will give a super straight and precise line.

Curl each side away from your face. This will give kind of the swept away effect to your hair.

Position hair how you want it and hold it in place with hairspray. I like to use hairspray on my bang because it keeps the hair lifted and not touching my face. I HATEEEE it when my bangs touch my skin! Crazy pet peeve, I know...=/
And here is the final look!



Stephanie said...

You did a great job with the picture tutorial!! :D Your kitten is growing up!

illa2015 said...

love the picture tutorials!

Beauty Writer said...

Your hair looks great and your kitty is so adorable :)

ashleighjoan said...

i wish i could rock the middle part.

Su said...

What a cool post!

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