Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nail Polish Haul

Color Club (Age of Aquarius )

I don't like wearing cool colors much except for purples, so this time I decided to try this color out. I feel like since I don't wear colors this cool when I wear it, it irritates me a little. The polish it self is very true to color and great. I guess when I look back at the video that I am wearing it in, the color itself looks pretty good. But since I am not used to cool color I remember when I wore it I kept staring at my nails and thinking that it looks like ghoul nails.

Essie (Shop till I Drop)
I was very disappointed at this polish!!!! I was hoping for something opaque and I wouldn't have to paint on a excessive amount of get the color seen on. However the polish is very very sheer.

Essie (Nice is Nice)

I absolutely LOVEEEEEEE this color! It is super opaque and true to color! What you see is what you get! It is a very very very lovely color.

Essie (Plaza Sweet)
This color was very true to what you see in the bottle. Since I was looking for a coral color I guess I was hoping for a less red tint. I am not too amazed by it, it's not a favorite but if you like the color you see in the bottle then you should get it.

China Glaze (Bare if you dare)

This color is very unique. I usually don't like shimmers but this color was an exception. I love the gold sheen it had and it is a peach pink coral color. It looks great on both your finger and toe nails. I definitely recommend this color! It is a must have!!!

CND (sticky anchoring base coat)
I loveeeeeeeeee this base coat. I have tried quite a few base coats and this one is my favorite. Your polish will stay on and not chip! I have tried Essie , OPI, and Orly base coats and I definitely will pick CND over them any day!

Seche Vite Top Coat

This top coat has been a rave on youtube and I totally agree with everyone else. Your nails are shiny, glossy, and it lasts longer. This is my new favorite top coat!

Yellow Out Clear Acrylic Top CoatThis polish was recommended by the guy who worked at the store when I told him I wanted whiter nails. I don't think I've used it enough to come to a conclusion on whether I like it or not. A tip though, I didn't read the find print and thought this was a base coat, BIG mistake it makes your polish peel like crazy if you do what I did. I will have to use it as a top coat and then decide if I like it or not.

I hope you guess like my review and check out the video!



SleepandMakeup said...

thank you for this post!
i wanna try Bare if you dare now. haha

Adelicia Kaya said...
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Ina said...

lovely blog! you are so beautiful!

beautyaddict said...

hi! i like the first color, the nail polish turquoise,is very beautyful. Sorry, for my english.


Mi_Mi said...

wow soo pretty i love plaza sweet one soo cute

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