Thursday, March 25, 2010

Small Lingerie Haul

They were all so pretty! haha I wanted to have everything. I mostly have very essential bras that are either nude or black and they are smooth so I can wear them under anything and everything. I don't have many fancy bras that are lacy so I decided to get some =).

"My budget"..
I kinda had a limit on how much everything is. I decided to buy bras around 20 bucks (and under 30) which i think is reasonable, since this stuff is suppose to be "discount" anyways I didn't want to get something that costed a fortune . And i didnt want to spend too much on underwear so 12 bucks and below was ok. I didn't get alot because some of the bras looked weird or wasn't my size. I am usually a 34 A (at VS) but i am not familiar with this brand so i stuck with the 32A.


Koha Ly said...
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lisasuar said...

i really wanna buy a nice/great quality strapless bra! i missed victoria`s secret`s sale :( so im waiting once again.

Unknown said...

Hi, great!

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sssdawna said...

i love vs stuff...and they always have really good specials, esp since i have a card with them! have a good day Hanh : )

Fashion Nicotine said...

I love your hair!! Always perfect!!

Xx. Fashion Nicotine

Unknown said...

Hi, great selection! I am your new follower. great blog =)

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