Sunday, January 24, 2010

Teddy bear hoodie =) (latest blog tv)

Teddy bear hoodie! - Broadcast your self LIVE

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Sherr Bear said...

Hey girl~

I tweeted ya about it, but I guess I'll comment here in case you don't get the tweet. I got the brown bear hoodie from the "To February" website about a week or so ago~ hehe. I think you look adorable with the white one!!! Isn't it soft & cute? <3 it!

I think you should hand wash the jacket~ :-)

~Sherr Bear ^_^

Unknown said...

just to let you know, it is completely fine to be 21 and wearing a bear hoodie! I got a panda one a couple years ago and I was just wearing it today! I love it <3... ^__^

p.s. I'm 23 now HA

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