Monday, January 25, 2010

Want Cheap BRAND names? - Haute Look-

Checkout -->> Haute Look <<--

sign up through this link and it would be greatly appreciated ^_^

(you just have to make a username)

The discount item are a limited time offer. So you can't wait forever because they will get sold out.

I have seen them sell BCBG, Coach, Stila, H20, Hello Kitty, Michael KORS,Rolex, Movato and other brand name things on there for really cheap. The shipping average about 6-8 dollars.

I never trusted it enough to actually buy anything from there. But then I heard that fafinettex3 has bought stuff from there so I decided to try it out ! haha Yes, I know I am a shopaholic =(

And no, they didn't indorse me or anything I was linked to the site when my friend Ayaka showed me these cute hello kitty watches [they cost a fortune so I couldn't afford them =( ]

But if anyone who is affiliated with Haute Look is reading this. hit me up I am interested hehe (decided to try my luck)

I got two purses from (The Sak)

$79.99 (original price $199) 69.99(original price $179)


Alyssamae. said...

I've purchased Rock and Republic cosmetics off Hautelook and it's a trusted site! The shipping may take a while, depending on the item you purchase and if they have it at the moment.. My order took roughly a week, but worth the wait for such a good deal! :)

rae630 said...

Thanks for the info. I just signed up.

Make Up Artist Glam said...

HI girl...Very beautiful..YOu've got a new follower here..i hope you can return the favor :)
Much love

YUSHE said...

is the price in usd or they set it to our country region automatically?

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