Sunday, April 26, 2009

My favorite NUDE lipstick

Revlon lipstick in nude attitude: It's cheap, it's affordable and I am IN LOVE.I've heard alot of talk about this particular shade and they are all accurate. It is a little dry for my taste so I like to pair it up with a little lip blam . It also looks fab with sheer pink or red lip glosses! I got it buy one get one free at Walgreens so it was the total deal.


Sam said...

i agree with you 100%.
nude attitude rocks.

Lara said...

thanks for the suggestion...
ive been looking for a cheap nude color

Anonymous said...

I love this lipstick so much (: it's my favourite nude lipstick also xoxx.

Unknown said...

hey lala loooovvverrr paul bunyon texted me this morning lo-and-behond after i tell you everything that has happened!! congrats w. the collab w . chictopia you have to tell me all about it.

xoxo miss you husbif

Anonymous said...

I must try, i've been looking for a cheap nude lipstick to try out since i am not a lipstick person! thanks!!

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