Sunday, April 19, 2009

CONTEST RULES & REGULATIONS/Collecting contest PRIZESSS for you guys!

This is just a mini preview. When I have time I will buy more things (including 3 bare minerals mineral veil! )and I will have more pictures and information up.

CONTEST: ( video will be posted up soon) -due date MAY 25,09.

The theme is SPRING AND ART. Meaning anything that is done by you that has to do with the spring time and art (makeup tutorial, hair tutorial,dancing, musical instruments, painting, sculpture,anything else that I missed ) You have to be able to prove that you created the piece by having video footage of the process of creating the piece it can be a tutorial, fast forwarded video, or picture step by step. If it is a musical instrument it will be pretty obvious to see that you are
playing it.

VIDEO RESPONSES- 4 prizes will be available for this.

COMMENTING (WHEN I POST THE VIDEO) - One prize will be available for this.
I will pick your name out of a hat so all you have to comment the word "CONTEST ENTRY"


You have to be a SUBSCRIBER!
Anyone who has a VALID ADDRESS and is willing to give it away to me. Please make sure that your youtube account is NOT friend lock so I can email notify you if you are chosen. If I am UNABLE TO CONTACT YOU I will choose someone else! If you are UNDER 18 please tell your parents.

It will be based on quality, CREATIVITY and effort. GO out of CONTROLL . SOME THING NEVER DONE BEFORE!!!! Be UNIQUE.


ann marie said...

definitely entering (:

sokpoprocks said...

wow im excited ur doing this contest, how generous of you!

miemiemie said...

oooh nice prizes, hahaha but i suck at doing tutorials...(like i've even tried hahaha)

黒猫 said...


Anonymous said...

When will the deadline be??

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